downtown streetscape steering committee

The individuals listed below encompass the ‘Steering Committee’ for this project. They are consulted frequently and meet with project staff regularly. They are an important part of this the Downtown Streetscape Plan in that they know St. Helena and its ins and outs. The committee is made of influential and knowledgeable individuals (merchants, business owners, and other active community members) who can offer their insights into decisions and ideas.


city council liasons

Paul Dohring | Mary Koberstein


Erica Ahmann Smithies | Mark Prestwich | Edrees Argand


BUSINESS community

Ahren Trumble - Sportago

Amy Carabba - Chamber of Commerce

Jay Smith - Sunshine Market

Jake Scheideman - St. Helena Cyclery

Jamie Graff - Nimbus Arts

Marcus Robbins - Patina Jewelry

Courtney Menegon - Steve’s Hardware 

Jeff Feeney - Coldwell Banker

Fran Heit - Reeds

Joel Gott - Gotts Roadside/Wines

Kathleen Whitehurst - Beautification Foundation

Cathy Buck - Cameo Cinema